Berlin - Old factories

Some shots of berlin houses near Oberbaumbrücke. It ´s unused factories.

Berlin - East Side Hotel

Visit site of this hotel - www.eastsidehotel.de

Berlin - Höfe am Osthafen

Next modern bulding near Oberbaumbrücke. It seems really interesting. Probably offices or something like that. Adress: Schlesische Straße, 28

Berlin - Wohn - und Geschäftshaus Falckensteinstraße 46

Interesting apartment house in Berlin near Oberbaumbrücke (bridge wich used to connect East and West Berlin).

Berling - Unknown bulding - Architect Unknown

Really interesting house in Berling, check out that facade!

Berlin - Alvaro Siza - Bonjur Tristesse

Really weird house from Berlin. You can find it at the junction of Schlesische Strase and Falckensteinstrasse. It´s build by Alvaro Siza, famous Portuguesse architect.